Navigational River Charts for the Danube River

Hydrographiс Service of Ukraine is an authorized by State producer of paper and electronic navigational charts of the Danube River based on data of hydrographyc works conducted by Hydrographiс Service's specialists and space servey data. Electronic navigational charts contain all necessary cartographic information to ensure safe navigation and extra information from navigational publications in order to be used with the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).

Electronic navigational charts of the Danube River conform to current international standards, the main of which is Inland ECDIS Standard adopted by the International Maritime Organization, Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR) and the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN ECE).

Copyright is reserved by Copyright Certificate No. 37579.

Correction of paper and electronic navigational charts for the Danube River is maintained by the official publication of Ukrainian Notices to Mariners.

Users are offered paper navigational chart of the Danube River from Reni Port to the Mouth issued in album form and 27 electronic files of navigational charts.

«Danube River from Reni Port to Mouth» No. 3445

«Danube River from Reni Port to Mouth» No. 3445

The overview river chart «Danube River from Reni Port to Mouth» No. 3445 at a scale of 1:60 000 (2 sheets) presents the Ukrainian part of the Danube River beginning from the Prut River Mouth to the flowing into the Black Sea. This chart is based on materials of recent years. Along the river navigable pass, floating and fixed aids to navigation are presented. The navigational situation 2010 is given in the chart. Within the kilometre section of the Dabube River from Mouth to the Izmailskyi Chatal Cape the distances are marked at 5 km intervals. Within the mile section from the Izmailskyi Chatal Cape to the Prut River Mouth – at 5 miles distances. Backwaters and boot basins are shown as schemes at scales of 1:5 000, 1:7 500, 1:10 000. The chart includes information on stage gauges, current speed on fairway of the Danube River, calm levels dependence of water flow rate in the Danube River Estuary based on the results of observations provided by the Danube Hydrometeological Observatory. The Ukrainian part of the Dnipro River is shown in classification of European inner waterways, along navigable zones and permitted vessels draught. Chart is designated for wide range of customers and may be used for office decoration. Its size is 225х77 cm. This chart is published in Ukrainian and English.

ORC Title Scale Year of issue

Danube River from Reni Port to Mouth

60 000 2011
No. 3504 Navigational River Chart of the Danube River from Reni Port to the Mouth

No. 3504 Navigational River Chart of the Danube River from Reni Port to the Mouth

Copyright Registration Certificate No. 37579 as of 24.02.2011
Year of issue 2011
Chart Scheme

Sheet ENC Title Scale
3504-1 UA7D0161 Danube River 72-67 Miles 25 000
3504-1А UA8D0161 Reni Port Basin 7 500
3504-2 UA7D0153 Danube River 66-63 Miles 25 000
3504-3 UA7D0144 Danube River 62-58 Miles 25 000
3504-4 UA7D0135 Danube River 58-53 Miles 25 000
3504-5 UA7D0126 Danube River 53-49 Miles 25 000
3504-6 UA7D0117 Danube River 48-44 Miles 25 000
3504-7 UA7D0107 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 116-107 km 25 000
3504-8 UA7D0091 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 106-91 km 25 000
3504-8А UA8D0091 Izmailskiy Dockyard Basin. 95 km Backwater 7 500
3504-9 UA7D0076 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 90-76 km 25 000
3504-9А UA8D0090 Izmailskiy Sea Commercial Port. 90 km Backwater 7 500
3504-9Б UA8D0076 Izmailskiy Sea Commercial Port. 85 km Backwater 5 000
3504-10 UA7D0067 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 77-67 km, Ivanesht Arm 13-6 km 25 000
3504-11 UA7D0058 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 67-58 km, Ivanesht Arm 6-0 km 25 000
3504-12 UA7D0046 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 57-46 km 25 000
3504-12А UA8D0047 Kiliyskiy Dockyard 10 000
3504-13 UA7D0036 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 46-36 km 25 000
3504-14 UA7D0026 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 35-26 km, Solomonov Arm 12-7 km 25 000
3504-15 UA7D0019 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth 26-19 km, Solomonov Arm 6-0 km 25 000
3504-15А UA8D0019 Bazarchukskiy Backwater 7 500
3504-16 UA7D0009 Danube River. Kiliyskoye Mouth, Starostambulskoye Mouth, Bystroye Mouth 19-9 km; Ochakovskoye Mouth 18-16 km 25 000
3504-17 UA5D0001 Danube River. Bystroye Mouth 10-1 km 25 000
3504-18 UA5D0000 Danube River. Bystroye Mouth 4-1 km. Approach Channel of Bystroye Mouth 25 000
3504-19 UA5D0002 Danube River. Prorva Mouth, Ochakovskoye Mouth 16-3 km 40 000
3504-20 UA5D0010 Danube River. Starostambulskoye Mouth 25 000
3504-21 UA5D0011 Danube River. Starostambulskoye Mouth, Limba (Musuna) Mouth 40 000

Note. Charts are referrred to WGS-84 Datum.